5 Signs it’s Time to Invest in PR

microphoneBusinesses are communicating all of the time – whether they are aware of it or not. By taking charge of how and when you communicate, such as through a structured PR campaign, you can help your business stand out from the crowd and create an image that’s right for you.

Here’s five signs that say it’s time to put yourself into the driving seat of how effectively you communicate:

1. Share of voice
Your competitors are the ones being asked for comment on topical issues. An important element of any PR activity is to build relationships with journalists and bloggers so that your business becomes a reliable source of information and comment.

2. Visibility
You have a great product/service but not enough people know about it. The great thing about the information age is that we can communicate on a global level with a few clicks. The problem is, so can everyone else. Carving out a presence for your business be it online or through traditional print and events is part of what PR is all about.

3. Reason to buy
It’s not clear why people should buy from you rather than your competitors. A well-crafted PR campaign will help articulate what’s great about your product or service. Using creative ideas to highlight the benefits of what you offer, PR does the heavy lifting for you.

4. Credibility
You lack third party endorsements. Reviews by journalists or bloggers can provide valuable independent recommendations for why people should buy from you, just look at the success of the likes of TripAdvisor in the holiday/accommodation market. If your product or service would benefit from being reviewed, let PR ensure the right people rate and review their experience.

5. Top of mind
Your business is struggling to get noticed by those you want to reach. Individuals are bombarded with information on a daily basis – in one 45 minute journey, the average London commuter is exposed to more that 130 advertisements, featuring more that 80 different products, and in an entire day we are likely to see 3,500 marketing messages and receive on average 121 emails. PR can help your business cut through the noise and reach your target audience.