6 Ways to ‘Hygge’ Your PR

shutterstock_272074001As the nights draw in, the Danish word ‘Hygge’ seems to be everywhere at the moment. Difficult to translate exactly into English, it’s essentially about creating a feeling – a warm glow, a sense of togetherness and everyday contentment.

This trend for all things ‘Hygge’ got me thinking about good PR and how PR tools used in the right way can help create a connection with those you are trying to reach. So here’s six ways that will help put the ‘Hygge’ into your public relations:

A strong idea (1) is an essential starting point.  You need an idea that resonates with your target audience and can ideally be applied across a number of channels and tactics. The Endless Lives of Glass campaign for Friends of Glass took the concept of how glass can be infinitely recycled and used a funny stunt, a video, a consumer survey, infographics and work with bloggers to create an emotional connection about the recyclability of glass with consumers.

A clear execution (2) with endorsement (3) will help your idea go further. To use the Hygge metaphor, consider a candle in bright sunlight compared with several candles in a dimly lit room – which is more effective?  In other words, if not presented properly, your ideas will get lost.

Next up is getting the tone (4) of your PR campaign right. Seek to get feedback on the style and language being proposed to see if the tone fits with what you are aiming to communicate (it’s not always easy seeing it from someone else’s perspective!).  A great example of tone of voice being used well is the Innocent Smoothie brand, which adopts a playful style in all areas, from its packaging to social media, which has helped establish the brand personality as friendly and fun.

For customers to form a personal connection with your brand, story-telling (5) can really help.  Banrock Station Wines used its origins in a wetland area in South Australia, to build an interesting backstory about the winery and its natural world roots. When a brand has fabulous provenance, there are natural reasons to tell a story and demonstrate that a brand is authentic, genuine, inspirational and inventive.

And finally, for many of us, especially if you are a visual person like me, good imagery (6) helps us connect with what is being communicated. When Shredded Wheat wanted to a communicate that it only contained one single ingredient (British wheat), it created sculptures of famous British landmarks from British wheat. It proved a hit and the photographs were used in the resulting press coverage. The right image, used in the right way really can speak a thousand words to us and make us feel good. Simple, clear and most definitely hygge.