Harmonious Client-Agency Relations

In my experience, a great client-agency relationship is a cornerstone of any successful PR campaign.

Here are my 5 tips to achieve harmony:

1. Establish Trust.
Trust is a key ingredient in all good relationships and the client/agency one is no different. Apart from the obvious point of ensuring that your chosen agency knows their stuff, sharing as much information as possible will help the agency really understand your business Continue reading

When Green Becomes Gold

5 Tips Every Food & Drink Brand Should Know

New research* has revealed that food and drink producers could benefit from an £837bn* opportunity by making their brands’ sustainability credentials clearer.

This remarkable figure features in a report by Unilever which shows that one third of shoppers chose brands which they believed were doing good for the environment or society. Furthermore, 21% of consumers would choose a brand if their positive impact on society or the environment was clearer on its packaging. Continue reading

6 Ways to ‘Hygge’ Your PR

As the nights draw in, the Danish word ‘Hygge’ seems to be everywhere at the moment. Difficult to translate exactly into English, it’s essentially about creating a feeling – a warm glow, a sense of togetherness and everyday contentment.

This trend for all things ‘Hygge’ got me thinking about good PR and how PR tools used in the right way can help create a connection with those you are trying to reach. So here’s six ways that will help put the ‘Hygge’ into your public relations: Continue reading