5 Signs it’s Time to Invest in PR

microphoneBusinesses are communicating all of the time – whether they are aware of it or not. By taking charge of how and when you communicate, such as through a structured PR campaign, you can help your business stand out from the crowd and create an image that’s right for you.

Here’s five signs that say it’s time to put yourself into the driving seat of how effectively you communicate: Continue reading

6 Ways to ‘Hygge’ Your PR

As the nights draw in, the Danish word ‘Hygge’ seems to be everywhere at the moment. Difficult to translate exactly into English, it’s essentially about creating a feeling – a warm glow, a sense of togetherness and everyday contentment.

This trend for all things ‘Hygge’ got me thinking about good PR and how PR tools used in the right way can help create a connection with those you are trying to reach. So here’s six ways that will help put the ‘Hygge’ into your public relations: Continue reading

The Taxing Problem of Trust

trust-e1436536636481The tax affairs of the rich and powerful in the headlines this week had me thinking about the issue of trust – that most precious of assets that takes time to win yet only moments to lose. In a recent poll just 21%* of Britons trust politicians to tell the truth, so even with the latest scandal to hit Parliament, Government ministers don’t have very far to fall in the eyes of the public. But while politicians may be perhaps a lost cause in the trust stakes, what about the rest of us?
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PR: Why everything’s different, yet still the same

motorola cuttingsReading about the demise of the Motorola mobile phone brand made me stop and think. Who would have thought that the name of the original inventor of the mobile phone and one-time world’s largest manufacturer of them, would be no more. Yet that’s the reality today. The very first mobile phone aimed at the consumer was launched by Motorola in 1992 in the UK – I know because my PR agency at the time was given the task of handling it. We spent most of our time trying to convince journalists that mobile phones were really very useful things. Continue reading

Why Expecting the Unexpected Saves Your Event (& Your Hair)

event organiser For planning-obsessives like myself, when putting on an event for a client, nothing makes me happier than working through a plan of action and ticking each item off as it gets sorted. But no matter how detailed the plan (and believe me, if it was an Olympic sport, I’d definitely be a contender), the one thing I can be sure of is that something unexpected will happen that is not on the list.
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