6 Ways to ‘Hygge’ Your PR

As the nights draw in, the Danish word ‘Hygge’ seems to be everywhere at the moment. Difficult to translate exactly into English, it’s essentially about creating a feeling – a warm glow, a sense of togetherness and everyday contentment.

This trend for all things ‘Hygge’ got me thinking about good PR and how PR tools used in the right way can help create a connection with those you are trying to reach. So here’s six ways that will help put the ‘Hygge’ into your public relations: Continue reading

Fracking – a gangplank, not a bridge

fracking-a-gangplank-not-a-bridgeGas extracted from shale gas deposits is not a ‘bridge to a renewable energy future’, but a gangplank to more global warming and away from more clean energy investments, according to an article in The New York Times. It’s a brilliant, if worrying image. The article is all the more powerful because it has been written by someone who should know – Anthony R Ingraffea, an engineer who helped develop shale fracking techniques for the US Energy Department. Continue reading

Upcycling: Reimagining the Future

‘Human beings don’t have a pollution problem, they have a design problem’. The Upcycle. 

upcycleThere’s been a lot of debate in the media recently about what schools should be teaching children about history, but very little about what we are teaching them about the future. Perhaps a great place to start would be to make The Upcycle and its predecessor Cradle to Cradle required reading.

Penned by William McDonough and Professor Michael Braungart, two of the world’s leading thinkers on sustainable growth and development, these books have simple, but profound messages about how mankind can re-imagine the way things are done. Instead of doom and gloom, they preach hope and abundance. We can have it all, but we need to make some fundamental adjustments in our thinking – and fast. Continue reading