Measuring for PR Success

If PR success was measured by the amount of publicity one receives then Teresa May would be doing very well indeed. Except of course, the reality is rather different. There’s an old saying that goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The wrong sort of publicity can ruin reputations and end careers. And sometimes the job of a PR professional is to keep their clients out of the news, rather than in it. Continue reading

The Taxing Problem of Trust

trust-e1436536636481The tax affairs of the rich and powerful in the headlines this week had me thinking about the issue of trust – that most precious of assets that takes time to win yet only moments to lose. In a recent poll just 21%* of Britons trust politicians to tell the truth, so even with the latest scandal to hit Parliament, Government ministers don’t have very far to fall in the eyes of the public. But while politicians may be perhaps a lost cause in the trust stakes, what about the rest of us?
Continue reading

3 Tips Every Campaigner Should Know


Getting publicity for an issue you are passionate about can be tough. One reason is because you’re not alone in wanting a share of the limelight. Take for example the staggering 800 plus special days or ‘awareness weeks’ already planned for 2014. From ‘National Compliment Day’ in January to ‘Orangutan Awareness Week’ in November, there are light-hearted and serious causes vying for attention nearly every day of the year. Continue reading