Measuring for PR Success

If PR success was measured by the amount of publicity one receives then Teresa May would be doing very well indeed. Except of course, the reality is rather different. There’s an old saying that goes ‘all publicity is good publicity’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The wrong sort of publicity can ruin reputations and end careers. And sometimes the job of a PR professional is to keep their clients out of the news, rather than in it. Continue reading

Is the Press Release Dead or Just Misunderstood?

Reading yet another blog post on the death of the press release recently got me thinking – is the press release really redundant? The idea that it’s no longer relevant in the digital age is a valid point. Many journalists groan at the thought of them, mainly because of the hundreds they receive every day. However, while the idea of a press release might seem old fashioned in today’s quick fire PR landscape, it’s too soon to write it off completely – here’s why. Continue reading

When Green Becomes Gold

5 Tips Every Food & Drink Brand Should Know

New research* has revealed that food and drink producers could benefit from an £837bn* opportunity by making their brands’ sustainability credentials clearer.

This remarkable figure features in a report by Unilever which shows that one third of shoppers chose brands which they believed were doing good for the environment or society. Furthermore, 21% of consumers would choose a brand if their positive impact on society or the environment was clearer on its packaging. Continue reading

5 Signs it’s Time to Invest in PR

microphoneBusinesses are communicating all of the time – whether they are aware of it or not. By taking charge of how and when you communicate, such as through a structured PR campaign, you can help your business stand out from the crowd and create an image that’s right for you.

Here’s five signs that say it’s time to put yourself into the driving seat of how effectively you communicate: Continue reading

PR: Why everything’s different, yet still the same

motorola cuttingsReading about the demise of the Motorola mobile phone brand made me stop and think. Who would have thought that the name of the original inventor of the mobile phone and one-time world’s largest manufacturer of them, would be no more. Yet that’s the reality today. The very first mobile phone aimed at the consumer was launched by Motorola in 1992 in the UK – I know because my PR agency at the time was given the task of handling it. We spent most of our time trying to convince journalists that mobile phones were really very useful things. Continue reading