Why this blogpost will save your life…

2workshop-banner-1OK so learning all about social media isn’t really going to save your life, but knowing your tweets from your tags will save you an awful lot of time and frustration and THAT might just save your life.

Here are five things you’ll learn on our one day workshop

How to use social media for B2B
Platforms such as Twitter are perfect for connecting, communicating and keeping tabs with what’s going on in your industry. We’ll show you it’s a breeze.

The secret of lists
Getting organised is vital if you don’t want to drown in the tsunami of chatter. Learn the top tips and tricks for keeping afloat.

The rules of the game
You can learn the hard way by trial and error, or you can let us show you the essential dos and don’ts of the social media world. Save time and face.

Understanding search engines
We’ll lift the lid on some search engine secrets so you’ll know just how to help others find you online.

Successful strategies
Creating your own social media strategy means you’ll know what to do and when. We’ll ensure you won’t leave without one.

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